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The New Building Fire Protection Regulation (PD 41, OGG 80 / 2018), taking into account the National and European Regulations, determines the requirements and measures that must be taken in buildings in order to protect the life and health of individuals and not only,

Fire reaction requirements apply to construction products which may be exposed to direct fire and they are intended to reduce the rate of spread of fire and the rate of production of smoke and flammable particles or droplets. Construction products in terms of their reaction to fire are classified according to EN 13501-1.

Metallemporiki – Th. Makris S.A. recognizes the importance of the regulation and with social responsibility proceeds directly to tests of classification of its products in notified Greek and European laboratories. Our PIR panels products are now classified in class: B s1 d0.

“… we have manage to achieve something very important. Class B s1 d0 is the highest classification a polyurethane PIR panel can receive. It easily fulfils the requirements of the Regulation for all types of buildings … “

Zdragkas Dimitrios

Quality Control Assistant