Continuous evolution
from 1979 until today

The company "Metallemporiki Th. Makris SA" was founded in 1979, in the 6th km of Larissa-Sikurio road and its main activity was the production and formation of metal sheets, providing reliable products with high quality standards.

For over 20 years it has been leading in the production of polyurethane and mineral wool panels to meet the increasing demands of modern buildings, in construction, thermal insulation and fire resistance.

In 2009, it is expanding with a new factory at the location of D. Melissohochoriou in Larissa for the production of polyurethane PIR panels in the effort of the continuous development and improvement of the company profile.

from 1979


reliable and high quality products


The company has the ability to provide Technical Support before, during and after construction.

Contact us and ask for instructions and additional information such as:

◎    Calculation of coverage areas
◎    Special construction details
◎    Tips for fire protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation
◎    Development and design items with specified use.


Job positions &

All available job positions in our company for this period. Feel free to send us your resume so you can become a member of Metallemporiki team.


Those who
trusted us

We choose to fulfill the needs of our customers which is the center of our interest. We have invested in manpower, innovative technologies and new products. We have achieved a strong industry and a strong presence in Greece and the Balkans.


Our high quality and reliable products meet the specifications and criteria of the most demanding customer. Our products are designed, tested, evaluated and achieve the durability criteria.


We provide excellent and fast service of the scheduled and non-scheduled orders with flexible and adaptive production. With an unlimited stock of raw materials we are capable to produce all of our products right here and now.


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