Steel structures for PV panels are complex metal structures, consisting of lightweight, structural open section profiles. They are used to support photovoltaic panels in PV park installations.


They are distinguished for:
  • Excellent bearing capacity as a structural component
  • Excellent reaction to fire, category A1
  • Excellent weather and corrosion resistance
  • Easy and fast standard mounting


Product parameters:
  • Fixed dimensions, depending on the project requirements
  • Open section structural steel profiles

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Steel structures for PV panel systems consist of lightweight, structural open section profiles, which made of high-strength steel. The dimensions of the sections and their construction details calculated in accordance with the requirements of the project.


The design and production of the individual components shall be subject to all relevant checks for the least favorable load combinations. The assembly of the components must be done by qualified personnel at the project site.

Components / Items

Open sections type C 140-20, as main components

The main components of the structure system are C140-20-type open sections, which are used as beams and poles. Alternatively, type M (or Sigma) open sections may be used, where the strength requirements are increased.


Open section type C40x20 and C40x40, as intermediate components

The intermediate components of the complex structure are type C40x20 and C40x40 open sections, which used as purlins and gable bracings. These particularly open sections allow the use of T-Bolt for anchoring the photovoltaic panels.

The assembled structure could be mounted to the concrete base with bolts, anchors and L type angles 150x100x3mm.


Bolts and Screws

In general, welding in thin wall sections is not applicable. All connections between the cross-sections are mechanical (bolts and screws). M12 / 8.8 and M5.5 / 8.8 bolts and M12 / 8.8 concrete anchors are used for the connections between the various sections.



For the substructure is proposed a concrete footing, which offers greater stability to the construction and reduces the movements due to the wind. The reinforced concrete footing that is used should be of concrete quality C16 / 20 and steel reinforcements grade B500.

Characteristic Metal Sheets

Metal Sheets

Different materials in different thicknesses are available for the production of the profiles. The metal sheets available for the production of the profile can be steel, which produced according to EN 10346 and En 10143 as per quality and tolerances. The thickness of the metal sheets ranges from 1.50mm up to 3.00mm.

Galvanized steel sheets, without color coating
  • according to EN 10346 & EN 10143,
  • hot dip zinc protection Ζ 70 ~ 275 gr/m2
  • aluzinc protection AΖ 70 ~ 265 gr/m2


Different materials in different thicknesses are available for the production of the profiles.

Essential Differentiations

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