Self-supporting metal light profiles box 75 of galvanized or pre-painted and galvanized metal sheets can be used as external and internal wall cladding in all types of buildings.


They are distinguished for:
  • Easy and fast standard mounting
  • Excellent weather and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent aesthetic effect, view and texture


Produced with:
  • Cover width of 900mm, 980mm, 1060mm & 1210mm in various thicknesses of metal sheet
  • in lengths from 1m to 6m, depending on the project

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The light metal profile box 75 was designed as a wall covering profile for the external and internal faces of the building. It can also be used as an internal partition of the building and for the construction of doors. Due to its high flexibility it cannot handle loads and its use is restricted as decorative. It is mainly used as a cover for specific applications and healthcare, but it can also be used as a cover for architectural requirements.

Characteristic Metal Sheets

Metal Sheets

Different materials in different thicknesses are available for the production of the profiles. The metal sheets available for the production of the profile can be steel, aluminum and stainless steel. The thickness of the metal sheets ranges from 0.40mm up to 1.50mm. Pre-painted and galvanized 0.50mm thick steel sheets are usually used.

Galvanized steel sheets, with or without color coating
  • according to EN 10346 & EN 10143
  • hot dip zinc prtection Ζ 70 ~ 275 gr/m2
  • aluzinc protection AZ 70 ~ 265 gr/m2
  • color protective coating: Polyester, Plastisol, PVDF, PVC
Aluminum sheets, with or without color coating
  • according to EN485, EN573, EN546, EN1396, EN602, ASTM-B209,
  • of series 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx,
  • of hardness H14, H24, H244, H44
  • aluzinc protection AZ 70 ~ 265 gr / m2
  • color protective coating: Polyester, 20μm
Stainless steel quality sheets
  • according to EN 10346, EN 10088-1
  • grade of AISI 304 2B or AISI 316 L
  • without coating, mat or gloss.

Please refer to the sales department about the available coatings (Polyester, Plastisol, PVDF, Food Safe, Non-Toxic and Anti-mold) and the available colors (RAL 1014 to RAL 9010).

Available Coatings and Paints

Classic Polyester Paint

Polyester paints are the most common and most economical metal sheet coatings. They are suitable for both external and internal surfaces. With a nominal coating thickness of > 20µm they have a very good resistance to external environmental conditions.

Durable Plastisol Paint

Plastisol coating is very durable to external environment. It belongs to the category of “self-healing” coatings on mechanical damage. With a nominal coating thickness of 200μm it is suitable for outdoor applications where the requirements are high.

High Req PVDF Paint

PVDF coating is suitable for buildings of architectural applications where the texture and color conservation are important. Also its reaction to fire is excellent because it has limited production of smoke, class S1. The nominal thickness is > 35mm.

Color Coating Options

An extremely large number of color coating options are available. Please refer to our sales department for the available colors (RAL1014 to RAL 9010).

Essential Properties

Cross-section Type Cover Width [mm] Development [mm] Steel Weight [kg/m*] Aluminum Weight [kg/m*]
Light metal profile box 75 900 920 3,61 1,26
Light metal profile box 75 980 1000 3,90 1,37
Light metal profile box 75 1060 1100 4,32 1,51
Light metal profile box 75 1210 1250 4,90 1,72

* Weight per unit length was calculated taking into account the nominal thickness 0.50mm of metal sheets and the specific weight of steel 7850 kg / m3 and aluminum 2750 kg / m3.

Connection/Support Options

Light metal profiles box 75 are fastened to the bearing structure by the standard method of visible anchoring. It is recommended that the panels should be fixed to the structure with rivets or with self-drilling screws.

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