Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels with high density polyurethane core PUR or PIR can be used as external cover on sloping roofs in all types of buildings. Profile view of Roman tile panel gives an excellent aesthetic effect.


They are distinguished for:
  • Exceptional reaction to fire, class B s1 d0 (PIR high index)
  • Excellent thermal insulation capacity, U value
  • Very good carrying capacity as a roof panel
  • Free from dangerous substances, CFC & HCFC free


Produced by:
  • 1000mm cover width and nominal thickness average minimum thickness 40mm, average maximum thickness 90mm
  • in custom lengths from 1.75m to 14m with a step of 350mm, depending on the project

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Characteristic Materials


PUR / PIR polyurethane Insulation Core

The PUR polyurethane foam core of high density 40 kg/m3 has excellent resistance to heat transfer. It is proven that is the best thermal insulation material in the construction sector.

It does not contain harmful substances, it is odorless and safe for health and the environment. It does not contain CFC & HCFC, ozone-depleting substances. It is recyclable and can be used for production of secondary products.

Its closed cell structure is chemically neutral and this makes it resistant to moisture and mold. It is durable and its properties remain unchanged over time.

In addition, PIR foam is difficult to ignite, suitable for buildings with structural fire resistance requirements. PIR polyurethane foam panel is classified as B-s1-d0 according to standard EN 13501-1, meaning it does not transmit fire, it is difficult to ignite, has no/hardly any smoke production and does not produce flaming or non-flaming particles.


Essential characteristics:
  • Density 40 ± 2 kg/m3 (high index)
  • Thermal conductivity, λ 0,023 W/mK
  • 95% closed cell structure
  • Fire response, difficult to ignite, class B s1 d0


Metal Sheets

Prepainted and galvanized 0.50mm thick steel plates are usually used. It is possible to choose laminate from different materials and thicknesses.

  • Steel prepainted and galvanized or with aluminum alloy protection, according to EN 10346 & EN 10143, from 0.35 mm to 1.0 mm, with Polyester, Plastisol, PVDF coatings.
  • Aluminum, unpainted with Aluzinc protection or AluZinc pre-painted, according to EN 508-2, with a thickness of 0.35 mm to 1.0 mm.
  • Stainless steel, AISI 304 2B or AISI 316 L, from 0.35 mm to 1.0 mm, free of coating, mat or gloss.


External Face Profiles

External metal face with Roman tile formation, can be embossed or smooth. In case of embossed sheet is used, panel strength is slightly increased.


Internal Face Profiles

Internal face profiles without light formation flat or with light formation such as Box 100 (50-50) and embossed. Upon request, there is an option to produce panels where the internal metal sheet can be replaced by a flat polyester sheet of thickness up to 1mm, wherever the environment is extremely corrosive.


Please ask us about the available coatings (Polyester, Plastisol, PVDF, Food Safe, Non-Toxic and Anti-mold) and colors (RAL1014 to RAL 9010).

Coatings And Colors Options

Classic Polyester Paint

Polyester paints are the most common and most economical coatings. They are suitable for both external and internal surfaces. With a nominal coating thickness of > 20µm they have a very good resistance to external environmental conditions.

Durable Plastisol Paint

Plastisol coating is very durable to external environmental conditions. It belongs to the category of “self-healing” coatings on mechanical damage. With a nominal coating thickness of 200µm it is suitable for outdoor applications where the durable requirements are high.

High req PVDF Paint

PVDF paint is suitable for buildings of architectural applications where the texture and color retention are important. The nominal thickness of the coating is 50µm and is classified in category s1, in terms of its reaction to fire.

Coating Color Options

An extremely large number of color coating options are available. Please refer to our sales department for the available colors (RAL1014 to RAL 9010).

Essential Properties

Thermal transmittance ** 0,277 W/m2.K
Panel Length [mm] Panel Weight [kg] *
1,75 17,0
2,10 20,4
2,45 23,8
2,80 27,2
3,15 30,6
3,50 34,0
3,85 37,4
4,20 40,8
4,55 44,2
4,90 47,6
5,25 51,0
5,60 54,4
5,95 57,8
6,30 61,2
6,65 64,6
7,00 68,0
7,35 71,4
7,70 74,8
8,05 78,2
8,40 81,6
8,75 85,0
9,10 88,4
9,45 91,8
9,80 95,2
10,15 98,6
10,50 102,0
10,85 105,4
11,20 108,8
11,55 112,2
11,90 115,6
12,25 119,0
12,60 122,4
12,95 125,8
13,30 129,2
13,65 132,6
14,00 136,0

* Panel weight was calculated taking into account the core density of 40kg/m3, and the nominal thickness of steel faces 0,40mm / 0,35mm (typical metal faces).

** Thermal transmittance coefficient was calculated taking into account the core density 40kg/m3, thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.023 W/mK and the nominal thickness of steel faces 0.40mm / 0.35mm.

The PIR tile covering panels are classified in notified laboratories, as B s1 d0, according to EN 13501-1, in terms of reaction to fire. Please request the classification report.

Connection/Support Options

The roman tile panels are fixed to the structure by the standard method of visible anchoring. It is recommended that the fixing should be applied to the peaks and not to the valleys.

They are designed to cover roofs with a slope of not less than 10%. Overlap panels are not recommended and are not available. If required by the project specifications the overlap length must be between 350mm and 450mm and it must be done on construction site.

The characteristic design of the joints of the panels in combination with the use of sealants minimizes panel-to-panel spaces and thus achieves:

  • Reduce the thermal bridges to a minimum
  • Restriction of air and moisture penetration
  • Minimize installation time
  • Limited use of extra accessories

Accessories / Items

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