Steel deck profiles 98/280 of galvanized metal sheets can be used as structural decks in all types of buildings. They can be used either independently as a Steel Profile or as Composite Steel decks throughout the life of the construction.


They are distinguished for:
  • Excellent bearing capacity as a structural deck
  • Excellent reaction to fire, category A1
  • Excellent weather and corrosion resistance
  • Acceptance of intumescent paints where required
  • Easy and fast standard mounting


Produced with:
  • a cover width of 840mm in various thicknesses from 0.80mm to 1.50mm
  • fixed lengths up to 14m, depending on the project

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Steel Deck Profile 98/280

Steel deck profile 98/280 is a standardized cold-rolled thin-walled cross-sections and it can be used as construction metal formwork. The profiles are manufactured on the basis of the company’s high quality criteria covering a wide range of applications. Produced in desirable lengths up to 14m depending on project requirements.


Profiles 98/280, due to their design, can carry heavy loads and can be used as independent structural elements in light constructions, eg for decks. By using it as a metal formwork for the injection of concrete, the labor cost of the construction is minimized as it requires shorter building times and avoids the use of wooden formwork.


Obviously the number of applications of these cross-sections is unlimited, provided that the static study of the structure has been issued.


Composite Steel Deck 98/280

The composite steel deck 98/280 consists of a steel profile 98/280 with paneling and poured concrete. Initially steel sheets used as a metal formwork and after hardening the concrete as a composite slab. Usually the quality of the concrete used is C 20/25.


When the static system is a continuous multi-span system, the concrete usually poured with a light steel reinforcement. In this way the system can handle the negative moments of the supports and protect the concrete from cracking. The reinforcement can be steel grid, B500C grade, from Φ8 / 20 to Φ10 / 15 depending on the slab thickness from 0.14m to 0.20m.

Characteristic Metal Sheets

Metal Sheets

Different materials in different thicknesses are available for the production of the profiles. The metal sheets available for the production of the profile can be steel, which produced according to EN 10346 and En 10143 as per quality and tolerances. The thickness of the metal sheets ranges from 0.80mm up to 1.50mm.

Galvanized steel sheets, without color coating
  • according to EN 10346 & EN 10143,
  • hot dip zinc protection Ζ 70 ~ 275 gr/m2
  • aluzinc protection AΖ 70 ~ 265 gr/m2

Different materials in different thicknesses are available for the production of the profiles. Please refer to the sales department about the available coatings and the available colors (RAL 1014 to RAL 9010).

Essential Properties

Steel Deck Profile 98/280

Sheet nominal thickness


Weight per unit area *


Area A of section**


Moment of Inertia Ix**


0,80 9,35 11,37 155,57
1,00 11,68 14,21 194,46
1,25 14,60 17,76 243,08
1,50 17,52 21,32 291,65

* Weight per unit area was calculated taking into account the specific weight of steel 7850 kg/m3.

** Geometrical and moment features per width meter

Connection/Support Options

The metal formworks are attached to the structure by the standard method of visible anchoring. Profile design does not allow overlap in the transversal direction. It is recommended that the joints should be at the support positions (columns, purlins). In general, welding in thin-walled sections should be avoided.

The steel decks 98/280 in the longitudinal direction are securely joined together without the need for extra components, thanks to the specially designed joint.

For structural construction, the reduction of strength due to holes and grooves shall be calculated taking into account the provisions of EN 1993-1-3.

Accessories / Items

Shear Welding Nails

For bonding the concrete slab with the metal formwork, it is recommended to use Shear welding nails. Micro notches on the smooth surface of the meta formwork increase adhesion but are not sufficient. It is recommended to use certified nails that do not require heavy and expensive construction equipment.

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