Panel πλαγιοκάλυψης με σκοτία - Μεταλλεμπορική Θ.Μακρής Α.Ε
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Our company offers an architectural solution of building wall covering with molding space.

Horizontal installation of PUR and PIR polyurethane panels with molding space complying with the new fire protection regulation. Due to the low “λ” value of the polyurethane foam, it is the most suitable and economical material to use for external thermal insulation cladding systems (ETICS).

  • Long life time
  • No maintenance is required
  • It does not crack
  • Available on embossed surface of many color choices

The molding space, as well as the aluminum profiles that are inserted vertically or even at the perimeter, are also offered in the desired colors in order to give a particularly architectural aesthetic result.

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