Open Sections

Open Sections Desired Dimensions


With bending machine 14m we can supply desired dimensions sections for each project needs beyond standard production eg C-400-230 or Z-20 as specific purlins diatomaceous Ω.


EN 10346

Metal Sheets: DX51D:

  • Galvanized sheets (Z)
  • Aluzinc sheets (AZ)

or structural steel



Dimensional Tolerances EN 10143
Width (w)
Thickness (t)

1.20<t≤1.60mm ±0.13mm

1.60<t≤2.00mm ±0.15mm
2.00<t≤2.50mm ±0.17mm
2.50<t≤3.00mm ±0.20mm

Length (L)

L<2000mm +6mm
L≥2000mm +0.3% of length

Flatness t<0.7mm 15mm
0.7<t≤1.60mm 13mm
Orthogonality deviation <1% of width (w)

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