Roll Formed Metal Sheets

Roll Formed Metal Sheets

The oldest and most famous section used for roof coverings of buildings. Due to its flexibility it is curved easier.

Alternative corrugated section with deep groove for large stormwater runoff. Application predominantly in permanent formwork and composite structural insulating elements.

Acknowledged for its resistance section to the Greek market. Used for overlays, wall covering, industrial building doors etc. Due to the dense innervation is ideal for structures where high strength is mandatory.

Steel section that offers the ideal combination of weight / strength. Used for roof coverings of buildings. Can be produced and inverted giving different aesthetic effect (higher layer).

The section offers the aesthetic curve adapted to the requirements of the project. Blurring the angles in triangles of the roof has architectural and practical solution to removing the gutters at the building.

Used alone or in complex form for cladding. Frost resistance. With deep groove for a large quantity of water. Durability. Reduced transportation costs due to low volume.

The new solution in the roof field. Used alone or in complex form for cladding. Lightweight material and ideal for earthquake zones. Additional resistance to roof with low manufacturing costs.

There are two kinds wallplank covers, with and without spin.

A lightweight profile for sidewall buildings.

The product gives a total excellent cosmetic appearance because the support is carried out internally with hidden screws.

The product provides excellent aesthetic appearance. The support takes place overtly or covertly. Available and corner panels for roof pillars.